Hot Tool Machines

Hot tool machines with horizontal or vertical NC axis are suitable for welding large area joins or double shells made from thermoplastics.

In hot tool machines, the parts are welded together with the help of mobile heating mirrors. On request we design the machines so that the heating mirror and work piece holders can be changed for different applications.


Characteristics and advantages:

  • Different standard versions of heated tool welding machines, for example:
    • horizontal type with NC axis
    • vertical type with NC axis
    • vertical type with NC axis and change facility
    • vertical type with NC axis, swivel frame and change facility
  • Comparison of desired / actual temperature
  • Heating current and temperature monitoring
  • Facility for sequential setting of the desired temperature
  • Password protected parameter settings (several parameter sets possible)
  • Setting positions and speeds at the operating panel
  • Setting the cleaning cycle at the operating panel
  • Option: change concept for heating mirrors and part holders (tool change supported by the operating panel)

Technical data:

(Example: VS-60/65 type CNC vertical heating mirror welding machine)


Press stroke [mm]

X1 = 200, X2 = 500

Tool chucking surface [mm]

900 x 550

Hot tool feed

linear/by electric motors

Component transfer

possible for upper part fixture

Heating element size [mm]

700 x 400


SIEMENS S7-315-2DP Profibus

SIEMENS MP277, Touchpanal

1 or 2 8-channel Profibus servo controlled heating regulators

Subject to alterations.

For further information, please contact the person alongside.