Focus One – Laser

SONOTRONIC offers the Focus One – Laser system as a complement to the ultrasonic standard welders, for precision welding of numerous applications using laser technology.

The innovative Focus One penetration welding process is eminently suitable for an economic series production of small, medium size and large piece numbers. The Focus One system makes spot welding, track welding and simultaneous welding possible.

The high precision when welding with laser, the exact reproducibility of the results and the facility for three-dimensional joining distinguish the Focus One system. An online process monitoring and control system can also be used for check the quality of the weld.


Characteristics and advantages:

  • High precision
  • No distortion
  • High strength
  • No additional material
  • Economic production
  • Very narrow welds
  • Low and only local thermal stress
  • High flexibility
  • Non-vibrating processing
  • Possibility of three-dimensional joining
  • Exact reproducibility
  • Practically no molten flash
  • No colour change in the seam
  • Output control through temperature control
  • No damage to electronic and filigree parts
  • Precision welding of highly delicate parts, beam diameter <1mm
  • No overheating of joining surfaces, therefore can be used for plastics with small processing range.

Subject to alterations.

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