ECOFLEX – Compact Ultrasonic Welding Booths

For ultrasonic welding of small and medium-sized parts, SONOTRONIC offers customizable welding booths. The workspaces are individually tailored to the respective application and are incorporated in the booth. Your advantages: reliable components, short lead times, high quality and attractive prices.

The ECOFLEX workspace is modularly designed and, depending on the application, equipped with 20 or 35 kHz ultrasonic technology for welding of flat surface, piercing or rivet joints. Thereby SONOTRONIC fits only the same reliable and approved compo­nents (generators, converters, boosters, sonotrodes and feed units), like in the special machines product range. All ultrasonic components, as well as the part fixtures, are produced by SONOTRONIC according to the component CAD data of the part. The SPC and remote maintenance are also programmed in-house.

The welding booths ECOFLEX are mainly used in the production of small and medium-sized parts. They are also ideal as “filler workplaces” for non-just-in-sequence production or as an extension to our large machines (e.g. for centre consoles, instrument panels or door panels) for small assemblies used there, such as loudspeakers, inner door controls, decorative panels, storage bins or cup holders. Vertical stroke units or small horizontal sliding tables can be integrated to improve accessibility. Please contact us with your ideas and questions. Together we will find the perfect solution!


  • For flat surface, piercing and rivet joints (also hot-stamp or infrared)
  • Possible uses in all industries


  • Modular workspace with 20 or 35 kHz ultrasonic technology
  • Pneumatically driven, transparent front door with single handed start
  • Front panel can be completely opened for easy access (maintenance and adjustment)
  • Optional sound protection
  • Available in three different booth widths (external dimensions): 1,170 mm  / 1,570 mm  / 1,970 mm

Subject to alterations.

For further information, please contact the person alongside.