Infrared Riveting

The still new infrared process is primarily suitable for working components which, because of their material properties, are not ideal for working with ultrasound. Infrared is therefore a logical addition to ultrasonic welding. Both processes are extremely energy efficient and are therefore clearly superior to hot air and heated tool riveting.

Contactless process

Infrared riveting is a very gentle process. Unlike heat contact or friction-producing joining processes, infrared riveting is contactless and therefore prevents the formation of particles, adhesions to the tool and imprints on the evermore sensitive surfaces or visible sides of the work pieces. Following intensive development work, SONOTRONIC has succeeded in achieving similar energy efficiency for infrared riveting as for ultrasonic riveting.

Permanent joints

SONOTRONIC’s compact infrared units operate with focused, short-wave infrared radiation. This means that not only is radiation rapidly generated but it is also possible to penetrate deeply into the material at a relatively large distance from the component and evenly to heat and plasticise to the bottom of the rivet dome. The process was also optimised so that almost no smoke develops during riveting. Following heating of the rivet dome, the rivet calotte is uniformly shaped by the embossing punch. The resulting rivet joints create a permanent bond with a high strength.

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