Ultrasonic Cut&Seal

During the ultrasonic Cut&Seal process, materials are welded and simultaneously cut in one step.

The ultrasonic Cut&Seal process is used everywhere, where it is important to seal edges as they are being cut or in order to make a process more efficient by combining the two steps and avoiding subsequent punching. For example, in the packaging industry, the sonotrode table is used, with which blisters, trays or cups can be sealed and punched out in one step.
Cut&Seal is used in the textile industry when welding elastic and non-elastic thermoplastic textiles continuously using the roll seam module or intermittently using upright sonotrodes. The main advantage of ultrasonic Cut&Seal is that the edges are already sealed during cutting, thus preventing subsequent fraying.


  • Combined welding and cutting or sealing and punching of
    • Films and packaging, even if they are contaminated in the sealing zone
    • Elastic and non-elastic synthetic textiles
  • Rapid and reduced process times with good process reliability
  • Joining and trimming several layers in one process
  • No subsequent punching equipment needed
  • Reproducible welding and punching quality
  • Complete monitoring of the process parameters during production
  • Flexible weld design
  • Minimum weld projections
  • Punching edges that are not sharp and are solid and free of lint
  • Environmentally friendly technology
    • Low energy requirement and hence faster cycle times
    • No solvents and additives required for welding
    • Type-specific recycling of welded workpieces